Founded in 2010 to run short courses in iconography at the Emmanuel Monastery in Bethlehem, it has now grown to offer a range of opportunities to study iconography up to a professional level.

At its heart lies the small group of students taking the two year Diploma in Icon Painting and those on the long term Professional Training Course. Places are offered to local Christians and to those living and working in the Holy Land. Most tuition is free but students provide some of their own materials and tools. We work collaboratively, and with a sense of commitment to the common good of all. It is very much in the spirit of "Freely you have received, freely give". Successful students are able to work as part of our workshop team of iconographers,  and for graduates of the Diploma we can guarantee a job with us in the workshop. Iconographers working in the workshop can expect to make between $600-$1500 per month, depending on skill levels.

Students can also participate in summer projects abroad. Summer 2016 is currently being planned for a two month residency at Lichfield Cathedral in the UK.


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