Three course program - introduction to drawing and painting in the Christian naturalistic tradition.


This is a structured program of three courses (1.5 credits each) which are foundational to the practice of naturalistic drawing and painting in the academic tradition. Taught directly by the Anthony Visco, the director this is a wonderful introduction which can be the springboard to further studio and self directed work.


This program works in harmony with the intellectual and cultural formation given in the Masters of Sacred Arts program offered by Pontifex University and the credits can be taken as part of the studio requirement for that program. 


Drawing is the essential skill for all visual artists and even those who eventually wish to specialize in other artistic traditions, such as the gothic or iconographic and even sculpture would benefit from the skills and artistic discipline they will learn in this program.


Each of the Atelier for the Sacred Arts studio courses offered are for15 sessions each with each session a 3 hour studio class. A total of 45 studio hours provides each student with 1.5 credits toward the Pontifex Masters Degree.


Level of Experience: 

Moderate, some drawing experience is required. Applicants are asked to send examples of their work via email. Do not send actual works. 


Times Offered: 

Students may complete the courses either at location or at a distance. The Atelier for the Sacred Arts classes offers 3 time models from which to choose:

1. Weekly: A weekly class for those within travel distance and another.   

2. Low Residency Intensive: A two week low residency program.  

3. Independent Study: for those students who qualify after a portfolio review



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