Graduation Mass, Rome 2018

        For those who can attend we will have Mass in the Vatican followed by a reception.






For more information on the Pilgrimage to the Holy Land view the Brochure HERE

If you are interested in the Pilgrimage to the Holy Land, download and fill out the registration form HERE.




Summer School in Italy 

Courses will be offered at our villa situated in the Italian countryside just 45 minutes from both Verona and Venice. Each course can be taken separately, or they can be taken together as a single two-week workshop.




The Way of Beauty School

3 studio credits for those who attend with submitted paper

The Way of Beauty Summer School consists of classes, museum visits and liturgy, including a trip to the Vatican Museum and the Restoration Laboratories, and Mass at the Vatican. Meet the teachers of your classes and build community with your fellow students. This course is designed to be a forum of learning and exchange where you can deepen your understanding of your online classes.There will be a special focus on the dialogue between all those involved in the creation of art – patrons, artists and the Church  and on how each party can contribute.




Icon Painting Workshop

3 studio credits for those who attend with submitted paper

Art workshops will be offered in either iconographic or gothic art. These workshops are appropriate for all levels of artistic training, offering beginner, and intermediate/advanced classes. Within the classes, each student will work individually, receiving personalized critiques of his work, with the goal of painting to the best of his ability. In addition to studio work, there will be lectures and discussions about the form of art, and regular chanted prayer and worship in which visual imagery plays an integral role. Students will also learn how to pray with the images they create.