Pontifex University’s Master of Sacred Arts program is the intellectual and cultural formation that complements the rigorous study of the skills of art, which should be learned elsewhere. We recommend the following schools of artistic practice:



The Stabat Mater Foundation Atelier, Tyler, Texas.

Drawing and Painting in the Academic Method, learning Baroque Naturalism - from beginner level through to advanced formation:

This unique Catholic artistic formation is the vision of Master of Practice Robert Puschautz; The atelier offers a uniquely holistic and Catholic-faith-based approach to the teaching of artistic practice. Its comprehensive and rigorous training blends the academic method of drawing and painting with traditional compositional theory in a profoundly Christian formation informed by a deep understanding of all Catholic figurative artistic traditions and the importance of the liturgy as the wellspring of all Catholic culture. Go to www.stabatmater.org/study for more information and to apply.




Iconography - Advanced level to Master Iconographer

The Chichester Workshop for Liturgical Arts, England

Run by Master iconographers Aidan Hart, Martin Earle and Jim Blackstone in Chichester, England, this offers an advanced apprentice formation through work on large-scale commissions. This is the formation that will raise the level of competency to that of an accomplished Master Iconographer who will be able to teach and take commissions. Training in liturgical arts including panel painting, mosaic, fresco and wood carving, chichesterworkshop.org


Iconography, from beginner through to advanced level

Aidan Hart, Shropshire and London, England

Master Iconographer teaches workshops in his own studio and through the King’s Foundation School of Traditional Art in London, aidanharticons.com