Hello and Welcome to Pontifex University!

I am delighted that you have decided or are considering walking the via pulchtritudinis, the Way of Beauty, with us here at Pontifex.  

Our goal is to offer you a truly remarkable Catholic education that can lead, ultimately, to a transformation in Christ, as Pius XI explains, "The true Christian does not renounce the activities of this life, he does not stunt his natural faculties; but he develops and perfects them, by coordinating them with the supernatural". Furthermore, we want this education to be accessible and affordable to as many people as possible. 

This means that all of us at Pontifex University have thought deeply not only about what we are teaching you, but also how we are teaching you. Since the majority of our classes are online, it enables you to learn at a comfortable pace. Using the latest in communication technology, Pontifex University has formed an educational community where faculty, staff and students can connect to support our common mission as Christians. I encourage you therefore to participate not only in the activities that your professors require, but also to engage the additional interactive content where you will receive a phenomenal experience within this community. Above all, I ask that you pray for us and for your fellow students, and know that you are in our prayers as well. 

May the Lord bless you.


In Christ, 

David Clayton

Provost, Pontifex University

Director of Sacred Arts 

Dean of the Faculty of Sacred Arts