How do I enroll and register for classes? 

Complete and submit the online application, and send in transcripts and letters of recommendation. Once all documents are received, you will receive an email from the provost acknowledging your acceptance to Pontifex University. Upon acceptance, you can create an account and register for classes either by paying for each course individually (payment per course is due in full) or by selecting the payment plan. You may begin your class(es) at any time after payment is received.

How do I take a studio class?

 All students are required to participate in the studio classes, but the requirements for non-artists are different. For these students, the goal is to understand more deeply the methods of artists, rather than to gain technical competency. Accordingly, they will register for the class, watch the same studio class instructions, but instead of being graded on their own studio work, they will be examined on their understanding of how artists work and this will be tested by a mid-term and a final as in the other classes. There will be some requirement to do practical work, a single smaller project, so that they learn through the experience, but they will not be graded on this project. Taking the studio classes will be invaluable for people who eventually become patrons of the arts because it will give them insights into the working methods of artists.

Are there scholarships available?

Currently there are no regularly offered scholarships. However, we do offer clergy/religious a 25% tuition discount for Masters level courses. Note that this discount does not apply to the Doctorate of Theology or to the Doctorate of Education. 

Are the classes at specific times?  

Classes are recorded and available to students at their convenience. Teachers are available via email for student questions.

Can I submit my application documents (letters of recommendation, transcripts, etc) via email? 

Yes, however, official sealed copies of transcripts must be mailed to Pontifex University within a set time of beginning the program. A degree cannot be granted without receipt of official transcripts. 


Can I transfer credits from a current program to the Master of Sacred Arts?

At the discretion of the provost, transfer credits may be applied toward the Master of Sacred Arts. 


Can I audit the entire program for personal enrichment?

Yes! The formation offered by this program can be of benefit to anyone. 


Is there a time limit to complete the Master of Sacred Arts? 

The Master of Sacred Arts program is ordered such that the entire program can be completed in two years. The time limit is 4 months for a 3 credit course. 


If I have completed previous Master's level theology courses can I be exempt from courses?

Pontifex University's theology courses are unique in that the truths of the Faith are presented in conjunction with the iconography of the Church. Hence, a complete exemption is not offered. Nevertheless, if you can provide the transcripts which list your theology credits, you may be eligible to take a single three-credit class in place of the three required classes. Instead of taking all three classes, you will be asked to review the lectures of the three classes (but you will not have to do the class reading). Then you will be asked to take a mid-term and a final in which you are examined on your understanding of the sacred imagery discussed.