Dear Student,


Welcome to Pontifex University! 

As an institution recognized both as a public juridic body and a Catholic University by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta; our mission is to serve as a virtual bridge between an accomplished and diverse faculty and a global student community that is seeking an authentically Catholic education. 

Our programs aim to offer academic rigor while remaining accessible to most adult learners and, we hope, delivering illuminating materials in an engaging style. If we do our job as well as we should, students will always look forward to assignments rather than considering them a chore. 

We are a young University founded in 2015, but we are blessed with a dedicated and highly experienced administration and faculty. 

In addition to our recognition as a Catholic University, we are fully authorized to function as a degree granting institution by GNPEC and we are actively putting in place the required plans to seek secular accreditation as soon as we are eligible. We will provide updates on the accreditation process from time to time, but will happily answer any questions that you may have in the interim. 

As a founder-student of Pontifex University you are trusting us with your time, financial investment and intellectual energy and in return we promise that we will work unfailingly to repay and honor that trust. 

Your role as a founder member of our community offers you a unique opportunity to contribute to the development of our institutional charism and we sincerely invite and welcome your feedback and ideas.  

Enjoy your studies! 

Kind regards,


Gareth N. Genner


Pontifex University