Credit Hours and Fees 


There is a $50 registration fee for each certificate program after which the fee is $300 per credit. Payment plans of $300 per month are available upon request. The total cost for each certificate is listed below:  


Certificate in Biblical Studies (CBS) - 9 credits, $2,750 (includes registration fee)

  • SAC 500 A History and Practical Theology of Images...3 credits
  • THE 511 The Old Testament in Words and Images...3 credits
  • THE 512 The New Testament in Words and Images...3 credits


Certificate of Philosophical Studies (CPS) - 8 credits, $2,450 (includes registration fee) 

  • PHI 500 The Philosophy of Nature...3 credits
  • PHI 501 A Survey of Philosophy of the Good, the True, and the Beautiful...3 credits
  • SAC 510 The Mathematics of Beauty...2 credits


Certificate of Liturgical Studies (CLS)  - 8 credits, $2,450 (includes registration fee)

  • THE 513 The Bible and the Liturgy...3 credits
  • THE 514 The Psalms in Words, Images, and Prayer...3 credits
  • Plus any two electives:
    • THE 515 The Heart of the Mass...1 credit
    • SAC 511 Fundamentals of Beauty in Architecture...1 credits
    • SAC 512 Introduction to Sacred Music...1  credit
    • SAC 513 Christian Humanism in Contemporary Cinema...1 credit


In order to earn the Master of Sacred Arts, the student must complete and pass one of the two Capstone Courses. Either capstone also requires the submission of a portfolio of artwork created in a minimum of 85 hours of self-directed study culminating in an original work of art. 


Capstone with Studio work: 5 credits, $1,550 (includes registration fee)

  • SAC 595 A Study of Artistic Methods for Patrons and Artists...5 credits


  • SAC 596 An Introduction to Sculpture...5 credits


Continuing Education Units

The registration fee and cost per credit hour for Continuing Education Units is the same as for degree credit.

Single Courses and Auditing


For those who wish to take a single course for credit the fee is $300 per credit hour plus the $50 registration fee. 


For those who wish to audit, the fee is $100 per credit hour plus the $50 registration fee.