For those who do not wish to pursue a degree, or to earn credits or continuing education units, Pontifex University courses are available for auditing.


All courses are prerecorded and asynchronous, allowing auditors to access course materials at any time. Auditors will not be required to complete any assignments, tests, etc., and will have 4 months from the time of registration to complete their chosen course. Audited courses cost $100 per credit hour (courses for degree credit are $300 per credit hour). 


Students who are interested in auditing at Pontifex should fill out the Application and select "Auditing" under "Program of Interest."


Upon completing a course, a certificate of completion as a way to record that one audited a course at Pontifex University, can be requested by submitting the Application for Graduation form on the website. Do note that this certificate of completion is not acceptable as transfer credit toward a degree at Pontifex or any other institution.