Here, we proudly showcase the intellectual achievements of our graduates and esteemed faculty members. All titles are available from Access the Amazon link for purchasing the book by clicking on the book cover.


Pontifex University Press

1) Fr. Bradley Elliott OP: The Shape of the Artistic Mind: A Search for the Metaphysical Link Between Art and Morals in the Thought of Thomas Aquinas Foreword by Dr. Margarita Clayton, Research Fellow, Blackfriars. Oxford


2) David Clayton: Veiling to Reveal Beauty - John Paul II’s Theology of the Body and the Role of Clothing in Christian Art and Anthropology



3) Fr. Vincent McNabb OP: God's Dealings with the Minds of Men: Essays in Biblical Inspiration, Mysticism, and the Imagination; Foreword by David Clayton

4) Fr. Jeffrey Kirby: Always Have an Answer Ready: A Question-and-Answer Catechism to Help You Live Your Faith

5) Fr. Jeffrey Kirby: God's Search for Us: Five Truths from a Missing Coin

Pontifex University Students After Graduation:


1) Joachim Arnold: Ingres The Line Between Art and Life




1) Dr. Tyler Graham: Modeling the Master Luigi Giussani, René Girard & the Role of Imitation in Catholic Education Foreword by Dr. Margarita Clayton, Research Fellow, Blackfriars. Oxford



2) Dr. Joseph P Michael: Mater Ecclesiae: Mother of the Church (Apologia Pro Sancta Maria–Mater Pulchrae Dilectionis (Mother of Fair Love))

3) Dr. Rafael Gonzalez: True Catholic Doctrinal Development: The Modal Distinction of Francisco Suárez and its Christological-Theological Consequences


1) Fr. Nicholas Gregoris: A Concise History of a Hundred Years of Papal Teaching on Catholic Education Foreword by Fr. Peter Stravinskas

2) Fr. Nicholas Gregoris: The Mission of Catholic Schools, A Century of Reflection and Direction


Pontifex University Faculty (as PU faculty)

1) Dr. Marianne Siegmund: A Spiritual Reading of Martyrdom in the Pontifical Writings of Pope John Paul II (The Edwin Mellen Press, New York, 2024).