Tuition & Fees for the Graduate Program

Each student will receive an annual tuition disclosure statement when receiving his or her acceptance letter into Pontifex University, and each year thereafter prior to registering for Winter-Semester classes. Tuition is $300 per credit hour. There is a graduation fee of $175. Tuition and fees total $9,175 assuming that the entire MSA program is completed online, with no transfer credit and with each class passed upon first taking.

We also offer the option to pay the full tuition cost by 30 monthly installments of $300. If transfer credit is accepted, the number of payments is reduced and the final payment tailored to the exact sum required. 

No other fees are charged for online programs, but additional expenses will be incurred for (optional) residential workshops and programs, and costs will be incurred for books and other study and activity materials and students should budget a total cost of approximately $10,000.


At the Masters level, tuition for clergy, religious and consecrated lay people is subject to a 25% discount.

Audit Fees

Auditors do not receive credit or a transcript, but may receive e-mailed confirmation that they audited the course(s). The audit fee is $100 per 1 credit hour. The entire program may be audited for 30 monthly payments of $100.