Professor Deborah Samia 

Pontifex University


Deborah Samia has a BFA from the Academy of Art University with an emphasis in Classical Sculpture and using the method of the Old Masters. She is also on the faculty at the Academy of Art University, San Francisco, California and has taught Figure Modeling, Portrait and Ecorche, both on campus and online. Professor Samia has done a series of commissions including public monuments, private commissions, as well as commercial work. 


For more information on Deborah Samia and her work please visit here.


The following course is taught by Professor Samia


Introduction to Sculpting the Figure

As an Introduction to Sculpting the Figure, the course follows six poses with a model and casted references. The human figure will be featured, to teach concepts of proportion, balance, gesture, anatomy and structure. The benefit of studying sculpture, gives an understanding of 3-dimentional form, space, and volume. Some of the assignments will have the option to preserve and save the artwork, with some of the projects are intended to be exercises that will be reconstructed before the start of the next pose. Please click here to learn more information. 


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