Diploma in Sacred Anthropology

Our Diploma in Sacred Anthropology takes a unique approach. Traditional graduate education in anthropology emphasizes urban contexts, processes, and populations but omits any study of the critical theological perspective. Equally, technology typically plays little to no role other than as a passive tool. 


At Pontifex University, Students receive training in local, regional, and global transformations including quantitative and qualitative research methods using advanced technologies, as well as a comprehensive formation in theories of human nature, society, and culture all within the context of the Way of Beauty.


The Laboratory


The unique technology sub-concentration of the program focuses on innovative biometric research technologies making it possible to capture and research gestures, facial expressions, body orientation and gait, words, phrases and other resources of intentional and unintentional communication enabling us to seek evidence that has not previously been available.


Participation in the Laboratory requires a good prior understanding of statistics and data mining as well as competency in coding in the Python license (and ideally C++)