Institutional Partnership between

St Joseph’s College, Maine and Pontifex University


Graduates of Saint Joseph’s College of Maine can earn fast-track admission to Pontifex University’s online Theology Doctorate program. Those who are accepted into the ThD program will be exempt all core coursework and be able to move directly to the research and dissertation writing stages. 


The Pontifex University’s Th.D. program is a research intensive Theology Doctorate modelled on the British and European systems. The entire program can be completed online (even the dissertation defense can be done via a video connection).


All qualified applicants will be granted full exemption from the Master of Theological Studies which is normally a prerequisite, and the core coursework (24 credits) that this would ordinarily entail. They would move straight to the 6 credit Foundations of Academic Theological Writing. After this course, they will enter the research stage and the production of the thesis proposal followed by the writing of the full dissertation.