Institutional Partnership between Holy Apostles College & Seminary 

and Pontifex University


Graduates of Holy Apostles College and Seminary who have earned either an MA in Theology or an MA in Philosophy can earn fast-track admission to Pontifex University’s Th.D. program. 


Applicants with an MA in Theology

All applicants with an MA in Theology from Holy Apostles College and Seminary will be granted full exemption from the Master of Theological Studies which is normally a prerequisite, and the core coursework (24 credits) that this would ordinarily entail. They would move straight to the Foundations of Academic Theological Writing course after which they would enter the research stage which consists of the production of the thesis proposal followed by the writing of the full dissertation.



Applicants with an MA in Philosophy

Applicants with an MA in Philosophy from Holy Apostles College and Seminary will have also have significantly reduced course load. They will be required to take only the following 3 courses:

    • Systematic Theology, 3 credits, from our Master of Theological Studies core curriculum.
    • One other core MTS 3-credit class appropriate to their proposed research topic.  
    • One guided-reading class, 3 credits, again tailored to their specialism. A guided-reading class consists of the following process: after registration, the student proposes a reading list of approximately 450 pages per credit, 1,350 pages for a 3-credit class. Then they submit a 500-word review of each book. The grade is based upon an assessment of these submissions and a 20-minute oral examination by video call.
    • The 6 credit Foundations of Academic Theological Writing course.



We expect this to be the standard that would apply to most applicants with either of these two qualifications. However, as with all applications to the Th.D. program, we use discretion. In some exceptional circumstances, it may be that we ask a student to do more coursework (for example, Latin) if their chosen research subject engages topics that cannot be covered by the number of courses set above.


For more information on the Th.D. program please go to the Academics menu at www.Pontifex.University. To begin the application process, enroll online. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Provost, David Clayton direct on