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Master's of Arts Theology of the Body and the New Evangelization

Theology of the Body II

Elizabeth Froula


This course builds upon and advances the material presented in Theology of the Body I, revisiting the Wednesday audience addresses for more in-depth study. Particular attention will be paid to those themes of the Pope’s teaching left unexamined or under-examined by the introductory course. Such themes include: divine election, primordial sacrament, the dimensions of shame, Old Testament & New Testament ethos, purity of heart, freedom of the gift, St. Paul’s teaching on the resurrection and on celibacy, marriage & the salvific will of God, living the sign in love & integrity, eros & agape in the Song of Songs, conjugal life as “liturgical” life, marital spirituality, the role of conjugal love, continence & marital affection, the exceptional significance of the marital embrace, authentic human progress and civilization.

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