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The Master's of Education in Catholic School Administration

EDU 550 Catechetics for the Catechist (3 credits; 12.8 CEUs)

Elizabeth Froula
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This course will serve as a refresher for those who have already obtained a good grasp of the Catechism of the Catholic Church or a thorough introduction to that seminal text for contemporary catechesis. Special attention will be given to relevant ways of presenting the various teachings of the Church to students in elementary and secondary schools.


Proprietary Interest Policy:

Faculty are permitted to refer to notable past work and achievements (including publications and educational activities not offered by Pontifex University, and even those offered for personal profit) in their published biography on the Pontifex website and course promotions. In the context of educational activities undertaken for Pontifex University, including videos, live or recorded, teachers, can recommend or bring to the attention such work for students (even if for personal profit, for example, books or podcasts) but only with approval by Pontifex University and when it is related to the teaching purpose of the class.  An instructor’s related work will be noted in the syllabus as appropriate.  Instructors may use their own materials as required in their courses and learning events as long as the materials are appropriate for the particular learning event.


Failure to comply with this policy will result in a warning or administration modification of course materials. Violations of this policy should be reported to the Provost.

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