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Partner Institution MSA Studio Credit

The Sacred Art Institute, Enders Island, Mystic, CT, III

David Clayton
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Enders Island is an 11-acre island off the coast of Mason's Island in Mystic, Connecticut. The grounds of Enders Island include a 360° ocean view, beautiful walking gardens, a Seaside Chapel, an outdoor Stations of the Cross, and iconic facilities including the Enders House, an early 20th century arts and crafts style mansion, and the Catholic Chapel of Our Lady of the Assumption, which houses the incorrupt arm of St. Edmund of Canterbury (1175–1240).

The Sacred Art Institute offers evening, afternoon, and week-long residency workshops in Iconography, Illumination, Calligraphy, Stained Glass, and Sacred Music among others. All Sacred Art Workshops feature highly skilled instructors.

All courses and retreats at Enders Island are recommended by Pontifex University for personal enrichment. The following courses are recognized for credit for the studio requirement for the Master of Sacred Arts:

• Iconography; •Traditional Painted Glass; •Sacred Watercolor Workshop; •Sacred Oil Painting Workshop; •Medieval Manuscript Painting; •Mosaics; •Gregorian Chant

Students should register for workshops at Enders Island through their website, Upon completion of the workshop, students then register for studio credits on the Pontifex University website. The registration fee is $150 per credit hour. They will submit photographs of the work done along with a written statement from the student, signed and endorsed by the instructor, attesting to the fact that this is their work and confirming the number of hours spent. This does not affect the existing course fees, paid directly to the Enders Island for attendance at their workshops and classes. The fee for attendance at such classes is set by the The Sacred Art Institute at Enders Island independent of Pontifex University.

Workshops and courses taken with Bethlehem Icon Centre will fulfill the studio credit requirement for the Master's of Sacred Arts Program. In order to register for the MSA credit with Pontifex University there is a fee of $150 for 1 credit hour in addition to those fee set by Bethlehem Icon Centre.

Registration for the workshop/course must take place directly through Bethlehem Icon Centre's website. Upon completion of the workshop/course, the student must submit evidence of their work along with a letter from Bethlehem Icon Centre confirming the student's participation.  


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