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Master's of Sacred Arts, Individual Courses

The Bible and the Liturgy

Rev. Sebastian Carnazzo , PhD

The Bible and the Liturgy 







This course examines the Christian Faith, with special emphasis on the Sacraments and their biblical background. Through a carefully study of the Bible, Catechism, and early Church artwork, architecture, and liturgy, students grow dramatically in their appreciation of the Faith and its rich biblical background and are given the knowledge, tools, and confidence to employ the Bible as the major tool in future catechetical endeavors. 


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Here is the class outline:

1. A Biblical Catechesis

Lesson 1

2. Revelation and the Bible: CCC1-184

Lesson 2

3. Salvation History in the OT and NT: Hahn, CCC 185-1065

Lesson 3

4. Festal Cycle of Israel in the Bible and Early Church: Danielou 222-347

Lesson 4

5. Baptism: CCC1066-1284, Danielou 35-113, Jensen 1-90

Lesson 5

6. Confirmation: CCC 1285-1321, Danielou 114-126, Jensen 91-213

Lesson 6

7. Eucharistin OT and NT: CCC 1322-1419, Danielou 127-190

Lesson 7

8. Reconciliation: CCC1420-1498, Danielou 208-221 Anointing of Sick, Viaticum ...

Lesson 8

9. Matrimony: CCC 1533-1535, 1601-1666, Danielou 191-207 Religious Celibacy: CCC 915, 1579 ..

Lesson 9

10. Midterm

Midterm Exam

11. Holy Orders: CCC 1536-1600 Role of the Bishop of Rome: OT Types and NT fulfillment: CCC 874-896

Lesson 10

12. Mary—OT types and NT fulfillments: CCC 721-726

Lesson 11

13. The Church: CCC748 – 870

Lesson 12

14. Public and Private Prayer Life: CCC1066 -1209, 2558 – 2865

Lesson 13

15. Salvation: CCC 1691 – 1748

Lesson 14

16. Art Discussion

Lesson 15

17. The Bible and the Liturgy: Recap of the Course

18. Final Exam Study Guide

Please use this as a study guide for the final exam which is under assignments.

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