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Master's of Sacred Arts, Individual Courses

Mathematics of Beauty

David Clayton


Mathematics of Beauty.


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Here is the class outline:

1. Introduction

2. Beauty Our Greatest Weapon in the Culture Wars

3. Mathematics as the Science of Pattern

4. Analysis and Synthesis

5. Emergence

6. Grasping the Whole- Loving Knowledge

7. The Beauty of Three

8. What influences culture

9. Liturgy and culture. Victorian gothic revival

10. Faith Freedom Tradition

11. Midterm Exam

12. Symbolism

13. Rose Windows and the Christian Star Pattern

14. Symbolism of Mathematical Operations

15. The Rose Window of Lausanne Cathedral

16. Putting it all together

17. Quantitative Number and Units of Measurement

18. Geometry and Beauty

19. The Westminster Pavement and Cosmati Pavements

20. Byzantine-Arab-Norman churches of 12th century Sicily

21. Assignments

22. Reading the Book of the Word, Reading the Book of Nature

23. Boethius: De Institutione Arithmetica I

24. Boethius De Arithmetica - II

25. Examples of Proportion in Art and Architecture

26. Boethius: De Institutione Musica

27. Musical proportion in architecture and the culture

28. Illustrating Wittkower

29. Decline and Rise

30. Designing for Community

31. Conclusion

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