Introducing the Institute of the Incarnate Word, a religious order founded in 1984 who is providing Pontifex University with these Lenten Meditations. 


Here is the class outline:

Navigating Pontifex University
These videos will help you learn how to navigate Pontifex University.
Introducing the Institute of the Incarnate Word
Learn more about the Institute of the Incarnate Word which has provided these meditations for Lent!
Introduction to Lent Meditations
Introducing Father Gustavo Nieto, I.V.E.
First Meditation: Lent and the Holy Spirit
Introducing Father Christopher B Etheridge, I.V.E.
Second Meditation: Our Lady of Sorrows
Introducing Father Nathaniel James Dreyer, I.V.E.
Third Meditation: The Moral Sufferings of Christ
Introducing Father Daniel Vitz, I.V.E.
Fourth Meditation: The History of Sin, Death, and Resurrection of the Body in Works of Art
Introducing Father Joseph LoJacono, IVE
Fifth Meditation: Imitating Christ’s Decision
Introducing Fr. Brian Dinkel, IVE