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The Art and Theology of the Catholic Reformation

Thomas Idzik (VP Operations)
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Very excited about my first Roman workshop which will take place next summer at the Accademia Urbana delle Arti: The Art and Theology of the Catholic Reformation. I am teaching in conjunction with Professor Rodolfo Papa a respected art historian, theologian, and artist. The workshop is a unique approach where we will be studying the theology and philosophy of various paintings in-situ and then studying the painting process and making copies in the studio.
The course will be credited through Pontifex University. - Martinho Correia

This unique and intensive two-week/ 60-hour course will provide a comprehensive overview of the painting methods of artists of the Catholic Reformation and the theology that underpinned their works. Arts to be studied with included: Caravaggio, Titian, Guido Reni, Guercino and Gerad van Honthorst. The class will visit the churches and museums holding the masterpieces by these artists where Professor Rodolf Papa will lecture on the theological and philosophical theory and meaning of the works. 

In the studio, using high-quality reproductions, Profesor Martinho Correia will lead students through a copy of a work by one of the masters being studied. From drawing to final glazes, all stages of the painting process will be discussed and practiced. 

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Martinho Isidro Correia is a fine artist and educator, a graduate of the University of Calgary (BFA in Painting), the University of British Colombia in Vancouver (BEd in Art Education), Angel Academy of Art in Florence, Italy (Diploma in Drawing and Painting) and the European University/Pontifical Athenaeum, 'Regina Apostolorum' in Rome (Masters in Architecture, Sacred Art and Liturgy).

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Rodolfo Papa is a painter, sculptor, theoretician, historian, and philosopher of art. He was appointed Art Specialist for the XIII General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops and has been Professor of the History of the Aesthetics at many schools and universities. Among his writings are about twenty monographs and some hundreds of articles. As an artist, he has completed paintings for such churches and Cathedrals including the Basilica of St. Crisogono, Rome, Basilica of SS Fabiano and Venazio, Rome, Ancient Cathedral of Bojano, and many more. 

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