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Icon Painting and Carving Courses


Earn credit for Workshops Offered by Hexaemeron.org

for the Studio Requirement of

Pontifex University’s Master of Sacred Arts


Hexaemeron.org provides a sound and structured education in the art of icon painting and icon carving. All based on classic Byzantine prototypes and rendered in the ancient and traditional technique of the egg-tempera medium. Founded in 2003 Hexaemeron has provided training in icon painting for hundreds of students across the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America, New Zealand and Australia.


Their teachers are internationally known leaders in their fields such as Jonathan Pageau, Anna Gouriev and Marek Czarnecki.


All courses offered by Hexaemeron.org are recommended for Pontifex, whether they are taken for credit or for personal enrichment. If you take courses for credit for the MSA program, a typical week-long workshop will earn one credit towards the studio requirement for the MSA. You may need to complete project work outside the class as set by the teacher in order to fulfill the credit requirement.


HEXAEMERON INC takes its name from the Greek term that signifies the six days of creation as described in the opening chapters of Genesis. St. Basil the Great, writing in the fourth century about these six days, developed a text of nine treatises called ​THE HEXAEMERON, which is a commentary on the successive measures of plenitude:

"And God said, let there be ..."

In keeping with its name, HEXAEMERON INC offers SIX DAYS OF CREATION courses in ecclesial arts for the beginner and for those who have acquired a teachable level of artistic skills and experience and desire to enter into the tradition of Christian arts for the benefit of the Church and Her children throughout the world.

Courses take place in different locations. For or a full schedule for the coming year and to see if there is one near you follow the link here.



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